Cyclone Marcia – Claims for Queensland Clients

Information to help you weather the storm and make a claim. We understand storm damage can cause stress for you – so when you need help, we’ll do everything we can to make it easier for you.

How to Lodge a Claim?

Call the Claims Services Emergency numbers as listed below for each insurer we have. Your INSURER will be noted on our correspondence

Once time permits please advise our office of the details so we can then liaise with the INSURER to ensure the smooth processing of the claim.

Please alert the INSURER or us if you have residents that have special needs such as the elderly or those with a disability, so they may be given priority.

(You will need to contact the INSURER directly on the numbers below as the claim will form part of the overall natural disaster framework collated by the ICA.)


Phone Number: (03) 8660 7000
Email Address:

CHU – QBE Group

Phone Number:  1800 023 387

CSI Claims – Assetinsure

Phone Number:  0409 053 682
Email Address:


Phone Number: (03) 9642 0410 (Speak to Arthur)


Phone Number:  1300 442 676 (Claims – Option 1)
Email Address:

QUS – Gallagher Basset Claims

Phone Number: 1300 855 230


Phone Number:  (03) 9642 0410 (Speak to Arthur)

SUU – Strata Unit Underwriters

Phone Number: 1800 788 435
Email Address:

ZURICH – Queensland Weather Events

Phone Number: 1800 611 869


Please see noted below a listing of some repairers who will be able to assist you, however please remember that all times you should wherever possible make good and act as though you are not insured and if possible undertake minor works or restorations yourself.

If this is the case you must keep invoices &/or receipts for all work done and materials obtained.

Glass Claims

For any home or commercial property glass claims, you can contact Express Glass or O’Brien Glass directly and will only need to provide a policy number to initiate a claim.

  • Express Glass: 1300 666 234
  • O’Brien Glass: 13 16 16

When speaking to repairers it will be necessary to provide your policy number and be aware that any excess that may apply will need to be paid directly to Express or O’Brien during repairs

Restorers – Water Extraction and Drying

The restorers below can be contacted directly for emergency works:

  • Cowan Restoration: 1300 263 267 (1300 COWANS)
  • Juvenaire: 1300 550 960
  • Steamatic: 1300 783 262
  • Restorx Services: 1300 736 333

Builders and Make Safe Repairs

The builders listed below can be contacted directly for emergency and make safe work.

  • Johns Lyng Group: 1300 73 6000
  • Pattersons Insurerbuild: 1300 722 272
  • Bay Building Group: 1300766 216
  • Intebuild: 07 3550 4888
  • Watermark Constructions (Sunshine Coast Only): 07 5437 7792

Policies generally provide cover to remove trees when they are impacting buildings or contents or if this need to be removed to fix damage to the property.

General debris clean up in yards is not normally covered by Insurance.

Pools Claims

Some of the INSURERS have different covers for pools, please note the following is a general overview of what may be claimed in the event of a pool being damaged.

If there has been storm damage to the pool filter, pump or chlorinator and because of this the surface/lining would have to be physically cleaned, we will pay for the cleaning of the pool surfaces and cleaning or replacement of pool water as necessary.

If there is no damage to the pool, the policies will not cover cleaning or replacement of water.